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DSS Alert System launched! Have a better way to reach to your diaspora.

Travel Alert System

The SMS opportunity for the travel sectors is immense. SMS not only improves communication between Traveller/Travel agency with speed, but also cuts down waste and lots of time saving. It is the ideal tool for tourism in an age when everyone is mobile.

Travel Alert System is an initiative by DSS to facilitate its clients with greater means of communication and satisfaction.By using DSS Travel Alert System you can reach your traveller within seconds and therefore it is a valuable for time critical information.

The DSS Travel Alert System has lot more to offer. This system can be used to accept Enquiry/complaints from Traveller and send automated activity alert to corresponding division personnel.

CConsider a Traveller requires information about an shedule of transportation, reservation, reservation status then that Traveller can send SMS to given number with appropriate code and in reply he/she will receive desired information from an automated system.

System can also be used to send information to traveller about re-scheduled of transportation, send alert about reservation,information about tourism packages and lot more.

Example Templates for SMS Formats of Travel Alert System

Sr. No. Responsible Department SMS Template
1 Customer Alert Enquiry about tourism packages
2 Customer Alert Enquiry for holidays packages
3 Customer Alert Enquiry about Transportation services
4 Customer Alert Enquiry for destinations (from stop:to Stop)
5 Customer Alert Enquiry for travel route for particular bus/train
6 Customer Alert Enquiry about documentation need in long journey
7 Customer Alert Enquiry for bus/train service type like AC, non Ac,sleeper
8 Customer Alert Enquiry of shedule of transportation
9 Customer Alert Enquiry for travel agency offices contact number
10 Customer Alert Enquiry for travel agency booking offices address
11 Customer Alert Enquiry for arrival Time
12 Customer Alert Enquiry about halt place
13 Customer Alert Enquiry about halt time
14 Customer Alert Enquiry for departure Time