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DSS Alert System launched! Have a better way to reach to your diaspora.

Medical Alert System

Alerts systems have become incredibly popular as the need for rapid response continues in the modern world. Because the technology is so widespread, SMS not only improves communication, but also cuts down waste and lots of time saving. It is the ideal tool in Hospital to getting Appointment Schedule, Specialties Doctor information,patient info like ward no/room , internally dr's schedule and much more, vie. Single SMS in an age when everyone is mobile.

Hospital Management Alert System is an initiative by DSS to facilitate its clients with greater means of communication and satisfaction. By using Medical Alert System you can simply send SMS and Reply SMS. Get Alert to patient for their appointment Schedule, Specialist doctor information, Special Treatment therapy etc.

The medical Alert system is an early intervention System that allows Sender to Getting information, to Get Enquiries by using define keywords and send automated activity alert to correspondents.

Consider a Patients requires information about an Appointment scheduled for xyz doctor, then that Patients can send SMS to given number with appropriate code, and he will get alert with auto reply SMS. Like wise Hospital also send Alert to particular patient for their appointment schedule and so on.

Example SMS Templates:

E.g: Set Auto Reply
  • Enquiry For Appointment of Doctor
    (Keyword) ? (Autoreply)
  • Admin configures system as
    ENQAPP? Dear Sender You Appointment Schedule is 2:00 pm
  • Sender sends SMS on given number as ? ENQAPP
    and then receives automatic reply as ? Dear Sender You Appointment Schedule is 2:00 pm.