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DSS Alert System launched! Have a better way to reach to your diaspora.

Education Alert System

Alerts systems have become incredibly popular in education system as the need for rapid response continues in the modern world.Because the technology is so widespread, Education Alert System are essential to any administrator that wishes to keep parents,students and staff informed about upcoming admission, Exam schedules or any emergency details.

Education Alert System is an initiative by DSS to facilitate its clients with greater means of communication and satisfaction. By using Education Alert System you can simply send SMS and Reply SMS from your all organization related queries and information. And reduce lots of time , work-load of Students as well as Staff .

The Education Alert system is an early intervention System that allows faculty and designated university personnel to submit information regarding academic and behavioral issues (Admission date, Admission process, Fee structure, Examination schedule, Result information etc.) that usually present obstacles to student success

The System is use for easily send text alerts to students, parents and staff about schedule changes, urgent needs and updates, for meeting updates, events and text notifications when information is time sensitive and critical.

Example Templates for SMS Formats of Education Alert System

Sr. No. Responsible Department SMS Template
1 Admin Enquiry For school/College Admission process
2 Accounts Enquiry For Fee Structure
3 Admin Enquiry for available seats of school/College
4 Admin Enquiry for available branches/streams in college
5 Admin Enquiry for School/College Facilities
6 Admin Enquiry for Specialization course in school/college
7 Account Enquiry for scholarships
8 Account Enquiry for fee collection counter
9 Admin Admission confirmation message
10 Admin Enquiry for Allocated Class of School/College
11 Admin Enquiry for fee collection counter
12 Admin SMS for Rules and Regulation of school/college
13 Admin Enquiry for 1st day and time of School/College after new admission
14 Staff Assignment messages