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Welcome To DSS Alert System

DSS Alert System launched! Have a better way to reach to your diaspora.

Citizen Alert System

Citizen Alerts System has the potential to become one of the most vital systems in government's treasure. As people are getting used to rapidly with hi-tech devices along with mobiles, we expect huge response from modern society for this system. People require information at their fingertips in today's technology surrounded world and CAS will make you reach to those people.

Citizen Alert System is an initiative by DSS to facilitate its clients with greater means of communication and satisfaction. By using Citizen Alert System people can simply send SMS and in return system will content them with desired information. Save lots of time and reduce work-load of employees by providing an automated system.

The Citizen Alert System has lot more to offer. This system can be used to accept request/complaints/grievances from citizen and send automated activity alert to corresponding division personnel. Consider a citizen requires information about an event, then that citizen can send SMS to given number with appropriate code and in reply he/she will receive desired information from an automated system.

System can be used to send information internally to department employees about re-scheduled meeting, provide particular information to citizens, send alert to all senior authorities at once and the list will continue.

Example Templates for SMS Formats of Citizen Alert System

Sr. No. Responsible Department SMS Template
1 Garbage (G) Complaint for clean up garbage
2 Garbage (G) Request for for new Garbage Storage Shed
3 Garbage (G) Alert For Garbage clean up resolved
4 Pothole (pot) Complaint for Pothole
5 Pothole (pot) Complaint for Emergency Pothole repairs
6 Electric pole (EP) Complaint regarding unable to work/ switch off the electric pole lights
7 Electric pole (EP) Complaint regarding Electric pole miss wiring
8 Electric pole Complaint for Electric pole problem due to weather condition
9 Electric pole Alert from municipal corporation regarding shifting , working on electric pole
10 Electric pole Alert from municipal corporation resolved complaints
11 Illegal Construction Complaints (IC) Complaint Against Unauthorised Construction.
12 Illegal Construction Complaints (IC) Complaint Illegal Covering of space.
13 Illegal Banners and Hoardings (BH) Complaint for illegal Banners and Hoardings
14 Illegal Banners and Hoardings (BH) Complaint for remove Banners and Hoardings after its work was over e.g the banner for birthday wishes for politician.Then after birthdate is still there.
15 Illegal Banners and Hoardings (BH) Complaint for removing unwanted Banners and Hoardings.